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The world-famous character from the world of Disney characters Mickey Mouse is the symbol of the pop culture of the USA. He looks like an anthropomorphic mouse. For the first time viewers saw this character in the short cartoon "Mad plane", and his official birthday November 18, 1928, when there was a cartoon "Willy Steamer" with his participation. This mouse

utters the words and phrases "squeaky" and a thin voice. At first, the mission voice of the hero himself carried to Walt Disney in 1946, but because of the constant coughing due to smoking he had to give it up. His successor in this case was Jim MacDonald. And in late 1983 and 2009 behind the scenes said Wayne Allwine.

Mickey has friends - dog Pluto and Donald. And his girlfriend Minnie name. Oh Mickey Mouse released numerous series of cartoons, comics, video games, often the character can be seen in amusement parks.

Mickey Mouse appeared in 1928, after Walt Disney lost the rights to their first character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The main co-founder of Disney - Ab Ayverks drew first short cartoons with Mickey Mouse. Later, the mouse has become famous all over the world about him already filmed full-length cartoons, he also began to appear frequently on television, in comics, his image was on a variety of subjects.

Rapidly developing story of the most famous little mouse Mickey Mouse, especially immediately after its occurrence. The creation of this character at the end of the 20s was on the background of the many revolutionary innovations in the U.S. film industry. The very birth of the character associated with a number of circumstances.

Mickey Mouse is the logo of Disney. Interestingly, in many cartoons shot at this studio there is the phenomenon of "hidden Mickey". It looks like the sudden appearance of the shade, or some other element in the frame (as a cameo) in the form of the head and round ears.

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