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Cartoons "Goofy (1939-1961)" and Woody Woodpecker cartoons - watch online free WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS CLASSIC CARTOON COLLECTION

Goofy (Goofy) - cartoon character from Disney, funny dog, one of the best friends of Mickey Mouse. First appeared May 25, 1932 in the cartoon "Journey Mickey».

Goofy - a great friend with a heart of gold. Cheerful and carefree, he wins all its simplicity. He often makes mistakes, but his enthusiasm, optimism and energy are attracted to him good luck. Goofy - a real gentleman, sportsman and loves his friends. He inspires everyone with his humor and fun, and whatever it is doing, it always brings a smile. Walt Disney Company has certainly introduced a long time ago with all their fans magnificently stupid, charmingly awkward and hilariously funny-dog Goofy. Remember this guy? Of course, yes. Unless there are those who never laughed at him? Hardly. However, Goofy anyone is offended or upset. What's there? He is likely to do once in my life did not get upset and lost not a single nerve, for his sense of unquenchable optimism - a common occurrence. Kudos to you Goofy. Five stars! Now we will show you the animated film "Goofy and his team (Goofy Goof Troop)», so you do not forget about our universal cheerful friend. The cartoon was released in 1992. Its director was Robert Taylor. Our unusually cool cartoon cheerful store gives an opportunity to all the spectators animated movie Goofy and his team look for free and in excellent quality right now. Do not miss a moment to remember his childhood. Goofy - classic perky loser. But I think he the only one? Of course not! Along with him the whole team - his own son, Max, and a neighbor family of Pete, who always tries to ruin the life of Goofy. But is our crank it can ruin someone? What nonsense. You, dear friends, are waiting stunningly funny, funny and weird ordinary person, but familiar to cartoon character, adventure. Laugh heartily and ignoring the problems of their stable. After all, the Walt Disney Company to do just that and there - to entertain, amuse, surprise and plunges us into the wonderful and magical world. Goofy and his team watch advise all on our own, we note, without false modesty, a wonderful site.

Relive all of the hilarious, crazy adventures of Woody Woodpecker, everyone's favorite wacky red-headed bird, in The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection! Created by renowned cartoonist Walter Lantz, these 75 original theatrical cartoons - all digitally remastered and completely uncut - showcase some of the wildest antics in animation history. Join Woody and his friends Chilly Willy, Andy Panda, Wally Walrus and Buzz Buzzard in hours of outrageous adventures. Featuring rare treasures from the Walter Lantz archive, including Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Cartune Classic and Swing Symphony cartoons, this side-splitting collection will keep fans laughing out loud time and time again!

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